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Bookme ReviewSouth Sea Cruise - Full Day South Sea Island Cruise - Ex Coral CoastPosted by Tash & Josh from Australia on 26 Oct 2018

  • Tash & Josh said... We went out yesterday with our two year old son. It was such a beautiful day out and a really lovely day. The island has kayaks, paddle boards and snorkels you can just take and use (all included in the original price). There’s included unlimited drinks (beer and wine too). They had a semi submersible which you could go on and see some fish - fun for the kids. They have snorkelling trips you can head out on, just 20 mins each but enough to see the beautiful fish. There’s a kids area too with some building blocks etc and even a small pool to splash about it. Lunch was great and staff were friendly. If you’ve got reef shoes, bring them along. The coral sand is a bit rough on the feet.

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